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When Should People Seek Counseling

Almost half of all UCSB students will at some point utilize the counseling services offered at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) before graduating. Students commonly seek counseling when they encounter a level of distress which they feel unable to handle alone. In the past, students have most commonly sought individual or group counseling services at CAPS to address the following issues:

Anxiety/Persistent Worry/Panic Attacks Depression/Apathy/Low Energy/Poor Motivation
Relationship Issues/Difficulty with Intimacy Eating Disorders/Episodic Binge Eating/Restricted Intake
Family Issues Sexual Problems/Dysfunction
Low Self-Esteem Anger
Sexual Assault/Abuse Loneliness
Sleep Disturbance Abusive Relationships

Please visit this list of links to self-help information regarding these topics. Students typically attempt to work with these issues on their own for some time before reaching-out for assistance. Some discuss their concerns with family, friends, or perhaps even faculty, but sometimes this isn't enough. By seeking the assistance of a professional counselor, you can find non-judgmental acceptance, and a level of expertise and objectivity that others who are closer to you may not be able to provide.
Many students report significant improvement in functioning following the completion of one to five sessions with a professional counselor from CAPS. For others, a positive experience with short-term individual counseling provides students with the confidence to pursue other sources of support such as group therapy, support group attendance, or open-ended individual counseling with a therapist in the local community.